Wire & Staples – Please call or email the office for prices
2.5mm Dbl Strand M S Barbed Wire (200m) Barbed Wire
2mm Dbl Strand High Tensile Barbed Wire (200m)
HT 2.5mm Line Wire Coil (25kg)
M.S 2.5mm M.S Line Wire Coil (25kg)
M.S 3.15mm M.S Line Wire Coil (25kg)
HT 3.15mm Line Wire Coil (25kg)
C 8/80/15 Stock Wire (50m)
C 8/80/15 Stock Wire (100m roll)
C 8/80/15 Stock Wire (300m roll)
HT 8/80/15 Wire (100m roll)
HT 8/80/15 stock fence (300m roll)
XNHT 8/80/15 (per 100m)
L 8/80/15 Stock Fence (per 50m)
HT 8/80/22 Wire (100m roll)
XNHT 8/80/22 Wire (100m)
HT 8/80/30 Wire (per 100m)
XNET HT 8/80/30 (100m)
HT 6/81/22 Pheasant Friendly Stock Wire (100m)
XNLHT 13/193/22.5 Pheasant Friendly Deer Wire (per 100m)
L 10/150/15 Wire (50m)
LHT 13/190/15 Deer Wire (100m)
XHNT 13/122/7.5 Horse Net (50m)
XNLHT 19/183/5 Tree protection Wire (50 roll)
Rabbit Net 1050mm x 31mm x 19g (50m roll)
Gripple 2-3.5mm (PK of 20)
20kg Tub of Barbed Staples
20kg Tub of P/P Staples
Staples Barbed 40mm (10kg)
Hayes Crimps & Nail Plates
HC2 2.5mm Crimp Sleeve (per 100) £24.22each
HC3 3.15mm Crimp Sleeve (per 50) £20.30 each
HC4 4mm Crimp Sleeve (per 50) £20.30 each
HCB Crimp Sleeve (per 50) £22.12 each

Patura Electric Fencing Products – We stock stock a basic range of Patura Electric Fencing

Patura Electric Fencing
Patura 25m Lead Out Cable £13.61 each
Patura Cutout Switch £12.20 each
Gate Handle (s/s Hook & Spring) £3.68 each
Permanent Fence Insulator (pk 25) £4.94 each
Ring Insulator (wood thrd) 100 pack £22.60 each
Spring Gate Set (standard) £7.44 each
Patura Spring Handles £2.00 each
Strain Insulators (pk 100) £66.11 each
500m Coil Stranded Wire £26.82 each
Patura Compact Polywire 200m £10.80 each
Patura Compact Polywire 400m £20.71 each
Patura Super Strain Fibreglass insulator (pk 25) £16.70 each