Wire & Staples
2.5mm Dbl Strand M S Barbed Wire (200m) £29.00 Barbed Wire
2mm Dbl Strand High Tensile Barbed Wire (200m) £29.00
HT 2.5mm Line Wire Coil (25kg) £33.50
M.S 2.5mm M.S Line Wire Coil (25kg) £32.00
M.S 3.15mm M.S Line Wire Coil (25kg) £32.00
HT 3.15mm Line Wire Coil (25kg) £33.50
C 8/80/15 Stock Wire (50m) £36.50
C 8/80/15 Stock Wire (100m roll) £73.00
HT 8/80/15 Wire (100m roll) £80.00
HT 8/80/15 stock fence (300m roll) £240.00
XNHT 8/80/15 (per 100m) P.O.A
HT 8/80/22 Wire (100m roll) £75.00
XNHT 8/80/22 Wire (100m) P.O.A
HT 8/80/30 Wire (per 100m) £69.50
XNET HT 8/80/30 (100m) P.O.A
HT 6/81/22 Pheasant Friendly Stock Wire (100m) £72.00
L 10/150/15 Wire (50m) P.O.A
LHT 13/190/15 Deer Wire (100m) £147.00
XHNT 13/122/7.5 Horse Net (50m) £124.00
Rabbit Net 1050mm x 31mm x 19g (50m roll) £34.40
Gripple 2-3.5mm (PK of 20) £13.00
20kg Tub of Barbed Staples £35.00
Staples Barbed 40mm (10kg) £17.50
Hayes Crimps & Nail Plates
HC2 2.5mm Crimp Sleeve (per 100) £24.22each
HC3 3.15mm Crimp Sleeve (per 50) £20.30 each
HC4 4mm Crimp Sleeve (per 50) £20.30 each
HCB Crimp Sleeve (per 50) £22.12 each


Patura Electric Fencing Products – We stock stock a basic range of Patura Electric Fencing

Patura Electric Fencing
Patura 25m Lead Out Cable £13.61 each
Patura Cutout Switch £12.20 each
Gate Handle (s/s Hook & Spring) £3.68 each
Permanent Fence Insulator (pk 25) £4.94 each
Ring Insulator (wood thrd) 100 pack £22.60 each
Spring Gate Set (standard) £7.44 each
Patura Spring Handles £2.00 each
Strain Insulators (pk 100) £66.11 each
500m Coil Stranded Wire £26.82 each
Patura Compact Polywire 200m £10.80 each
Patura Compact Polywire 400m £20.71 each
Patura Super Strain Fibreglass insulator (pk 25) £16.70 each


hampton steel


Fully Integrated Metal Post System – please click here for further details and please contact us for prices etc