Sweet Chestnut has been used mainly in the south eastern counties for hundreds of years. It is a naturally tough and long lasting wood and does not require any form of chemical treatment. It comes from managed coppice rotation, encouraging good woodland management. Therefore it is one of the most environmentally friendly long lasting fencing materials available. Chestnut posts are rustic in appearance.

Chestnut fencing posts come in full rounds or clefted (which means split). We can also supply peeled and sawn posts. Chestnut stakes are supplied individually or in bundles of 50. Other chestnut fencing material can be supplied upon request.

Sawn Chestnut Stakes_s
Mixed bundle of Cleft Chestnut stakes_s
Mixed bundle of Sawn Chesnut Stakes_s


Straining Post & Pole
5ft 6 Chestnut Cleft 1/2 & 1/4 Stakes £3.40
5ft 6 Chestnut stakes (full round) £4.30
6ft Chestnut (Sawn) Stakes £3.50
6ft 1/2 & 1/4 Stakes £3.90
6ft Chestnut Stakes (full round) £4.50
6ft 4-5″ Chestnut Stake (full round) £4.75
8ft Chestnut Stake £6.00
8ft Chestnut Strainer £16.50
8ft Chestnut Strut £5.75
9ft 3-4″ Chestnut Post £6.40
9ft 4-5″ Chestnut Post £7.00
10ft Chestnut Strainer £20.00
12ft Chestnut 1/2 Sawn Rail £8.90
1.2m 2 Line Wire, Chestnut Pailing Roll £52.00