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1.8m T.S.W Gate P.O.A
Galvanised Gates
3.0m Galv Field Gate (Ashbourne) P.O.A
3.6m Galv Field Gate (Ashbourne) P.O.A
4.5m Galv Field Gate (Ashbourne) P.O.A
Wooden Gates
0.9m T.S.W Gate P.O.A
1.2m T.S.W Gate P.O.A
1.5m T.S.W Gate P.O.A
3.0m T.S.W Gate P.O.A
3.6m Treated Soft Wood Gate P.O.A
Other wooden gates are available to order,
please contact us for further details

Gate Fittings

We stock the Fence Mate and Gate Mate range of fittings.


Crash Barriers

Good quality,  Reclaimed motorway crash barrier. W profile 3.5mt long     P.O.A